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We Offer Customized Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy Castings

California Die Casting

Your Industry Partner for Superior, Detailed Die Castings

Companies in various industries need high-quality and optimized metal parts to either complete their products or support their business operations. That is where California Die Casting INC comes in. Our team has the experience and technical skills needed to provide superior, detailed die castings for precise dimensions and consistent quality of the parts you need.

Design and Crafting

We are dedicated to ensuring quality work since fabrication requires the ideal combination of design and precision crafting. Our commitment begins with sourcing only high-quality aluminum and zinc alloys, which will result in premium metal parts. We also make sure the die-cast models are functional and durable. With us, expect to receive high-quality die casting products that will be of tremendous benefit to your business.

Compliance With Guidelines

We follow industry standards to give you peace of mind with quality control and assurance. Additionally, we use these guidelines to improve the die life and prevent frequent replacement. Our team sorts through additional details to learn how to help you save money on die casting. You may contact us for more details!